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Just Ask Me

James R. Aist

Do you have questions about Jesus, God, eternity, salvation or the Bible? I may have the answer you have been looking for. Just type your question in the “Reply/Comment” box below, and hit “”Enter.” I will do my best to provide a biblically correct response for you.

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3 thoughts on “Just Ask Me

  1. Joseph Taabangcura says:

    Thank you brother your right on point! Sorry i had to confuse my question around a bit but you got it and i appreciate your kind and truthful response before your answer. I myself is a Pastor but my pulpit has been in the prison/jail the past 15 years, i love the end times and prophecy teachings as i have asked questions often to other websites concerning certain topics of what Christ has written.Most refuse to answer due to “religious,denominational” backrounds.You and your web page have been encouraging,informative and comformong as we need our “true sharpening’.I have referred your site to many,thank you and God bless your work He has given you.

  2. grateful2him says:

    Greetings, Joseph. I appreciate your asking this question, although I am unable to ascertain exactly what you were asking. So, concerning the rapture, I would like to share the following for your consideration. I am in agreement with those who believe that the rapture will occur before the 7-year tribulation period, around the time that the false peace treaty with Israel is signed. I also agree that in order to have an accurate grasp of the book of Revelation, one has to keep in mind that God will deal separately with the church and Israel, to a great extent. For arguments and Scriptures supporting this view, I refer you to the following website: https://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/revelation/related-topics/the-timing-of-the-rapture.html However, I will add to those scriptures 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8, which indicates that the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit must be removed before the antichrist can be revealed. Since the Holy Spirit resides in the believers (the church), it follows that the church must be absent when the Holy spirit is gone (with the church). Then comes the antichrist and the beginning of the tribulation period. Perhaps my greatest concern about this view is that for ~ 1,800 years, the Christian church believed in a post-tribulation rapture. How could it be that it took this long for the church to realize that it had made this mistake? May the Lord bless you richly, my brother.

  3. Joseph Tabangcura says:

    Post catching away “rapture” before the tribulation,many different sources says there’s not,please comment your best through scripture on this,i know that God has meaning warnings and chances to the Jewish people along with us gentiles.thank you.

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