Little Things

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Little Things

By Angie Brown, Guest Author

Ants, spiders, ground beetles – these are things that came to mind when I was seated in the back yard reading a book. Looking up to absorb the words in the book, I noticed a gust of wind blowing a pile of leaves from under the hickory tree. The breeze sent them towards me. Airborne, they gracefully fell all around me. Momentarily, I sensed my dwelling place was in the circle of leaves. This is when I thought of the little creatures in the nooks and crannies under weeds and grasses.

I left my seat and walked over to where the wild flowers grew. I sat down on the ground, observing the roots and stems of plants. Almost immediately, I saw an ant zigzagging over the terrain of the rough ground, his tiny feet carrying him swiftly. I kept my sight focused on him so I could see where he was going.

Shortly, he was met by another ant. It looked like they communicated. Then one went one way and the other one the opposite way. They all look alike, so I wasn’t sure which one I had started with. I picked one out and resumed following him. I wondered if they ever get tired or need a nap like a cat does. Would he be headed for an ant hill? I was not aware of one in the area. Surely, he would stop soon. But on he went.

Now I began to see a few more ants. My intellect told me of a possible place where they may all be detailing from. Sure enough, as I got closer to my house, many more were seen. I followed the swarm right up to the bricks at my back door. I pried one of the bricks out and discovered a nice nest of hundreds of eggs ready to hatch.

That was the end of my nature study, as I hurried in for the can of Raid!

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