HOMOSEXUALITY and TRANSGENDERISM: Up-to-date articles with both a biblical and a scientific perspective

Table of Contents


How Pedophiles Are Using the Gay Agenda (click HERE)

Homosexuality and Choice (click HERE)

Why Is There a “T” in “LGBT”? (click HERE)

Ears to Hear, Born Again and Gay Theology (click HERE)

Born-Gay Hoaxes “Outed” by Real Science! (click HERE)

Homosexuality: Religiously Mediated Change (click HERE)

Homosexuality: Secularly Mediated Change (Click HERE)

What Biological Theories of Homosexuality Cannot Explain (click HERE)

God Does Not Make Anyone Homosexual! (click HERE)

New Theory: Homosexuality Is a Mistake of Nature (click HERE)

Spontaneous Change in Sexual Orientation: It Does Happen! (click HERE)

An Easy, Do-It-Yourself Bible Study on Homosexuality (click HERE)

Cultures without Homosexuality: They Do Exist! (click HERE)

A Homosexuality “Fact Checker” for Born-again Christians (click HERE)

A Homosexuality DICTIONARY for Born-again Christians (click HERE)

Are Homosexual People Really “Born Gay?” (click HERE)

Homosexuality: Good News (click HERE)

The “Science” of Homosexuality (click HERE)

What Twin Studies Tell Us About Homosexuality: Nature vs. Nurture (click HERE)

What the Bible Tells Us about “Gay Marriage” (click HERE)

Homosexual vs. Heterosexual Parenting: Is There Really “No Difference?” (click HERE)

The Gay Agenda’s Planned, Psychological Attack on Straight America (click HERE)

The Gay Agenda: What In the World Is Going On? (click HERE)

Responding to the Gay Agenda (click HERE)

Homosexuality: What Would Jesus Do?” (click HERE)

What Homosexuality Advocates Don’t Want You to Know (click HERE)

Homosexuality: Does God Really Say “Don’t Do It?” (click HERE)

Gay Theology: Did God Really Say “You Must Not…?” (click HERE)

Gay “Marriage”: Did God Change His Mind? (click HERE)

Ears to Hear, Born Again and Gay Theology (click HERE)

Links Between Homosexuality and Pedophilia (click HERE)

The “Gay Gospel” (click HERE)

Mental Health Organizations: Political Slaves of the Homosexual Movement (click HERE)

Homosexual Born-Again Christians: They Do Exist! (click HERE)

Satan’s Sinister, Sister Attacks on Humanity (click HERE)

Homosexuality: The Battle for the Bible (click HERE)

Why Do Homosexuals Have More Mental Health Problems? (click HERE)



Why Is There a “T” in “LGBT”? (click HERE)

Transgendered Men in Women’s Facilities? (click HERE)

A Christian Perspective on Gender Identity Disorder (click HERE)

The Transgender Movement: Addendum to the Review (click HERE)

The Transgender Movement: A Comprehensive Review (click HERE)

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