BIBLICAL TEACHINGS, SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTERS and RELIGION: A fresh perspective on contemporary Christian issues

Table of Contents


God Owns Our Lives! (click HERE)

The Parable Of the Mountain Laurel (click HERE)

What Must I Do To Be saved? (click HERE)

What Are the “Greater Works? (click HERE)

The Spirits Know! (click HERE)

Salvation: Who Is Inviting Whom? (click HERE)

With the Peace of God Comes Joy Unspeakable! (click HERE)

Peace That Surpasses All Understanding (click HERE)

No Evil Shall Befall You (click HERE)

The Two Wages of Sin (click HERE)

The New World Order: Discerning the “Signs of the Times” (click HERE)

Praying Glorifies God (click HERE)

The Promises of God are “Yes” and “Amen”! – Part 2 (click HERE)

The Promises of God are “Yes” and “Amen”! – Part 1 (click HERE)

The”Handwriting” on the Wall (click HERE)

God Remembered! (click HERE)

The Promised Witness Shows Up (click HERE)

A Rhema Word For a Worried Boy (click HERE)

Healing, Forgiveness and Demonic Indwelling/Oppression (click HERE)

The Parable of the Sower (click HERE)

Salvation: Its More About God Than Us! (click HERE)

A Life of Obedience, Not Compromise! (click HERE)

The Only Love That Can Fully Satisfy (click HERE)

The “Knowledge of Good and Evil” Ruined Everything! (click HERE)

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet…Revisited (click HERE)

Why I Voted for Trump (and Will Again) (click HERE)

God Still Makes a Way! (click HERE)

The Gospel of John 3:16 (click HERE)

The Mechanics of Salvation (click HERE)

When “All” Is Not “All” At All! (click HERE)

That They May Have “Life” (click HERE)

Only Believe…What Exactly (click HERE)

On Tithes, Offerings and Psalm 50 (click HERE)

The God of “New Things” (click HERE)

The Parable of the Prodigal Sheep (click HERE)

The Faith of Demons Won’t Help You At All! (click HERE)

When the “Supernatural” Is Not of God (click HERE)

Prophecy in the New Testament Church (click HERE)

When Grace Is Not So Amazing (click HERE)

The Reverse of the Curse (click HERE)

Where Will Christians Really Spend Their Eternity? (click HERE)

Why Doesn’t God Follow His Own Laws?! (click HERE)

Be the One! (click HERE)

The Bible Answers the “Big Questions” (click HERE)

Why Does God Allow Satan to Tempt Us? (click HERE)

Is It OK to Be “Pro-Choice”? (click HERE)

Letting God Be God (click HERE)

On “Assurance” (click HERE)

On “Sovereign Grace” (click HERE)

On “Falling Away” (click HERE)

Keeping the Sabbath (click HERE)

Why Did God Create Us? (click HERE)

Why Do Christians Do Good Works? (click HERE)

How Could Jesus Have Been Born “Immaculate”? (click HERE)

God and Liesel (click HERE)

Settling Matters with God (click HERE)

What Is Jesus Waiting For? (click HERE)

The Mechanics of Prayer (click HERE)

Why Must Christians Appear at the “Bema Seat” of Christ? (click HERE)

How Could Jesus be “Without Sin”? (click HERE)

What Is Man? (click HERE)

Free Will: What It Is and Is Not (click HERE)

Free Will, Sovereign Grace, and Assurance (click HERE)

The Righteousness that God Requires (click HERE)

Did God Create Biodiversity via Genetic Engineering and Climate Change?(click HERE)

Evolution: Perspectives of a Born-again, Biological Scientist (click HERE)

Immigration and the Bible (click HERE)

What is “Freedom in Christ?” (click HERE)

Either Way, We Die for Christ (click HERE)

Who Goes to Heaven, Who Goes to Hell? (click HERE)

The Forgotten “WHYs” (click HERE)

Forgiving as We Are Forgiven (click HERE)

Does God Have Amnesia? (click HERE)

Ears to Hear (click HERE)

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? (click HERE)

Ears to Hear, Born Again and Gay Theology (click HERE)

What Does “Born Again” Mean? (click HERE)

“Do Not Judge”: What’s That Supposed to mean? (click HERE)

Repentance: Confess, Turn, Persevere (click HERE)

Abortion: Biology, Bible and Forgiveness (click HERE)

Are Christians Bound by Old Testament Laws? (click HERE)

Am I Good Enough for Heaven? (click HERE)

“Lead Us Not Into Temptation” (click HERE)

Abortion: A Biological Perspective (click HERE)

Abortion: A Biblical Perspective (click HERE)

Abortion: Finding Forgiveness and Perfect Peace (click HERE)

Did Paul Really Have a Thorn in His Flesh? (click HERE)

Faith, Or Works, Or Faith and Works? (click HERE)

The Other Fisherman (click HERE)

The Sexual Revolution: a Sexual Delusion (click HERE)

The War of the Wills within Us (click HERE)

Some Thoughts on Suffering (click HERE)

A Sinless Life and a Sacrificial Death: The Works of Jesus (click HERE)

Faith and the Scientific Method(click HERE)

The Two Kinds of Faith (click HERE)


Encountering God in the Barn on Sunday (click HERE)

God and Liesel (click HERE)

A Date with “Fate” at Eight (click HERE)

Spiritual Encounters with God: A Witness, a Prophecy and a Parable (click HERE)

Spiritual Encounters with God:Dreams (click HERE)

Spiritual Encounters with God: Visions and Voices (click HERE)

A Poignant Parable of Progressive Purification (click HERE)


Islam, Muslims and National Security (click HERE)

A Note of Concern to Roman Catholics (click HERE)

2 thoughts on “BIBLICAL TEACHINGS, SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTERS and RELIGION: A fresh perspective on contemporary Christian issues

  1. grateful2him says:

    Thank you, Rebecca, for your comment. I have not yet written an article on speaking in tongues, but I can recommend the following article about the Baptism in the Holy spirit, including speaking in tongues:

  2. Rebecca says:

    The church I attend has a different perspective on “speaking in tongues” than does the more charismatic denominations. I am actually a bit confused on the matter. I see that you have been affiliated with several denominations and so I assume that you have addressed this issue at sometime for yourself. Have you written any artilcles on speaking in tongues?
    Thank you,

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