ABORTION: Biological and biblical perspectives


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Abortion: A Biological Perspective (click HERE)

Abortion: A Biblical Perspective (click HERE)

Abortion: Finding Forgiveness and Perfect Peace (click HERE)

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Abortion: Biology, Bible and Forgiveness (click HERE)

2 thoughts on “ABORTION: Biological and biblical perspectives

  1. grateful2him says:

    Thank you, Julie, for your comment. I used to agree with your position…until my teenage son pointed out to me that, regardless of the circumstances of conception, once a human being has been conceived, they are all made in the image and likeness of God and equally deserving to live. Concerning the “mother’s life” argument, it is extremely rare for this situation to really be true. Work with us to end all other abortions, and when we get to that point, then let’s talk about “mother’s life” again.

  2. Julie Zeilman says:

    three reasons, incest, rape, and mothers life. pro choice

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