Islam, Muslims and National Security

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Islam, Muslims and National Security

James R. Aist

“Islam is not a religion but a political system based on religion.” – General Mike Flynn


In this article, I will tell the truth and share many important facts that you need to know about Islam and its adherents, Muslims. While Islam is inherently violent, especially toward Christians and Jews, many claiming to be Muslims are not. I am in no way condoning or promoting violence or discrimination against truly peace-loving Muslims that do not support Jihad, Caliphate and/or Sharia Law; they are not our enemies, and we should not view or treat them as such.


My aim here is to present certain core facts and truths about Islam and Muslims and to provide links to a few, key, on-line, source articles that you can access easily to both verify what I have to say and to flesh out the main points for yourself. This is a very important topic for you to become fully aware of, so I strongly urge you take the time to read my source articles. Radical Islamists, representing Islam, are dead set on Caliphate (world-wide political and religious domination) and are already actively carrying out Jihad (holy war) and establishing their Sharia Law here in America, so you really do need to know the facts and the truth about this.

Islam versus Muslims

It is important here to keep in mind the distinction between the religion (Islam) and the people (Muslims). As Matt Barber has so succinctly pointed out (click HERE), “Islam is about control. The word itself means “submission.” It is a socio-political pseudo-religion based upon the incoherent scribblings of one man – the “prophet” Muhammad, a warring tyrant who, as even the Quran concedes, was a murderous misogynist and pedophile.” Radical Islamists, representing Islam, are dead set on Caliphate and are actively carrying out Jihad and establishing Sharia Law. They have been doing this since the founding of Islam by the false prophet Muhammad around 600 A.D. For a thorough and authentic account of the history, aims and methods of Muhammad and Islam, click HERE.

Islam is a religion of violence, not peace, because their holy book, the Quran, repeatedly instructs true Muslims to carry out violence against all infidels (non-Muslims). In fact, “The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter (Click HERE).” Many of these calls to violence and murder are specifically aimed at Christians and Jews who refuse to convert to Islam. Recall that the Arab countries bordering Israel are sworn to the annihilation of Israel at all costs, and note the ongoing slaughter of Christians by ISIS in Islamic countries and elsewhere. You can find HERE an extensive list of the ongoing acts of violence and murder perpetrated against non-Muslims in the name of their false god, Allah. Truth be told, Islam is a false religion with a false prophet and a false god. And we can know that their “god” is not the God of Christianity, as the Roman Catholic Pope says it is, because their “god” does not have a Son called Jesus Christ and their “god” requires them to persecute and/or kill Christians and Jews who refuse to convert to Islam. Think about that for a moment.

Now let’s turn our attention specifically to Muslims, the adherents of Islam. There is a wide spectrum of folks who call themselves Muslim, ranging from actively radical terrorists (such as ISIS), to so-called moderates (inactive supporters of Jihad, Caliphate and Sharia Law), to actually peaceful Muslims (non-supporters of Jihad, Caliphate and Sharia Law). Worldwide, Muslim support for Jihad, Caliphate and Sharia Law varies greatly from one nation to another (click HERE). Even in America, there is an alarmingly high level of Muslim support for these goals of Islam, as 51% want Sharia Law and 33% believe that Sharia Law should be supreme over the U.S. Constitution! These are the so-called “moderate” Muslims. Among the actively radical, Muslim terrorists groups in America are ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and radical Imams (religious leaders), to mention a few. They have either celebrated or perpetrated the many Islamic terrorist attacks reported in the news over the past several years in America. These are the American Muslims who hate America and want to kill us if we refuse to convert to Islam, as ISIS is currently doing around the world. It has been correctly said that a radical Muslim wants to cut your head off, and a moderate Muslim wants the radical Muslim to cut your head off…in compliance, of course, with the will of Allah as revealed in the Quran.

David P. Brown (citation not available) has explained this difference between a radical Muslim and a “moderate” Muslim like this: “Where is the practicing Muslim who will declare that he/she does not believe any or all of the following quotations (Koran 2:191; 3:28; 3:85; 5:33; 8:12, 60, 65; 9:5, 30, 123; 22:19; 47:4), or other quotations teaching the same thing, from Islam’s holy book, the Koran??? All of the foregoing passages from the Koran demand that those Muslims who will be faithful followers of Allah must oppose and kill those the Koran declares to be Infidels. Just because many Muslims do not personally and directly practice what is taught by these passages from the Koran by no means proves that what these quotations declare are not a part of Islam. The foregoing is the case whether or not Muslims personally and directly practice them or not, or, in other words, whether they are the ones who personally “pull the trigger” to shoot Islam’s infidels or not. Clearly, these passages must be obeyed by Muslims in order for a Muslim to be pleasing to Allah and for them to go to the Islamic Paradise when he/she dies. Moreover, a Muslim is as much a part of Islam’s militant activity when he/she silently supports his/her fellow Muslims without ever wielding a knife, shooting a gun, or blowing himself to pieces in directly killing the Islamic infidels. For every active soldier on the front lines there are many support troops and civilians (did anyone ever hear of the “home front”?) who never engage in personal direct fighting with enemy combatants on the front lines. But support soldiers and the important support of “home front” are as necessary to successfully fighting an enemy as is the combat soldier who personally and directly, actually fires a weapon at an enemy combatant. Anyone who can see through a ladder and read the Koran can know what Islam teaches and what many Muslims are taught to practice.”

What now?

President-elect Donald Trump and his generals know about this and will, very shortly, begin to take action to prevent the Islamization of America; they need our support. We need to stop dealing with Islamic terrorists with “kid gloves” and pursue them aggressively and decisively. This is not the time for “political correctness”, folks. It will suffice to destroy the Islamic terrorists and their terrorist networks both here and abroad, because, without them, the so-called moderates will have no one to do their “dirty work” for them. And the truly peaceful Muslims will continue to live peacefully with the rest of us.


Truly peaceful Muslims represent about half of the Muslims in America, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The others – “moderate” Muslims and radical Muslim terrorists – must be prevented from spreading their holy war, Sharia Law and political domination to America. This will require a long, concerted effort – both domestic and foreign – to defeat all forms of radical Islam that threaten the constitutional freedoms and rule of law in America. We have no choice in this matter, as Islam is, in fact, a political system based on religion and dedicated to world domination. In other words, Islam is, by definition, a one-world-order theocracy and an imminent threat to our democratic republic.

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