God Owns Our Lives!

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God Owns Our Lives!

James R. Aist

“The earth belongs to the Lord, and its fullness, the world, and those who dwell in it” (Psalms 24:1).

This is, perhaps, the most difficult matter for us to truly settle with God: God claims to have the right to do anything He wants to with every human life, anything. What I want us to do while reading this article is to seriously consider this question:  Have I really made peace with God’s claim to His right to do whatever He pleases with my life, or do I stubbornly cling to the notion that my life is mine to do with as I please?

Just as we destroy our possessions if we want to, so also, God destroys even our lives if He wants to, as illustrated by the following examples:

  • The law of sin and death: The wages of sin is death (eternity lived in the Lake of fire), unless God saves you;
  • The flood: Sin was so pervasive that God destroyed the entire human race, except for Noah and his family, with a world-wide flood;
  • Christian martyrs: For more than two millennia now, Christians who refused to deny Jesus, including all of the Apostles except John, have been murdered for their faith;
  • Even Jesus was sent to give up His earthly life as a ransom for many!

These examples clearly demonstrate that God has the power to do whatever He wants to with our lives, that His sovereignty extends even to the point of our death. But does He have a right to exercise that sovereignty?

To answer this question, it is necessary to look for biblical bases for God’s sovereign right to use our lives any way He wants to. Here are two that have been found:

1) The right of creation (ownership by creation applies to all people)

  • “The earth belongs to the Lord, and its fullness, the world, and those who dwell in it” (Psalms 24:1);
  •  “Indeed, heaven and the highest heavens belong to the Lord your God, also the earth with all that is in it” (Deuteronomy 10:14);
  • “Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty, for everything in the heavens and the earth is Yours” (1 Chronicles 29:11); and
  • “Who has preceded Me that I should repay him? Everything under heaven is Mine” (Job 41:11).

2) The right of redemption (ownership by redemption applies only to those whom God saves)

  • “What? Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God, and that you are not your own?  You were bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).
  • “Rather, O man, who are you to answer back to God? Shall the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?” Does the potter not have power over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honor and another for dishonor” (Romans 9:21)?
  • “What if God, willing to show His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much patience the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, in order to make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He previously prepared for glory…” (Romans 9:22).

Note that the lives of true believers are doubly owned by God, by virtue of both creation and redemption.

Have you truly made peace with God’s sovereign right to do with your life anything that He wants to? If not, then why not? It’s just the way it is, whether we like it or not. It’s time to truly “surrender all.”

No Evil Shall Befall You

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No Evil Shall Befall You

James R. Aist

“Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling, there shall be no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your tent; for He shall give His angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways.” (Psalm 91:9-11)

I love to hear accounts of God’s elect narrowly escaping impending disaster, especially when the threat is real and there are details in the story that reveal the hand of God in their deliverance. What follows is just such a story, a miraculous working of God’s providential protection, from my personal experience.

I had spent quite a few weeks in Japan already, including one research visit for more than four months. One of the things that impressed me most about Japan is that it is a relatively safe place to visit and to live. On one visit, I even saw an old, frail, bent-over lady crossing a busy intersection bearing what was obviously a “money bag” of substantial size, headed to the bank to make a deposit. She apparently had no fear of being robbed, even though she was walking alone! So, we had no fear for our safety when the time came for us to make preparations for yet another trip to Japan. I had accepted an invitation from a Japanese colleague to spend a week in Japan to present a series of seminars. The Sunday before we were to embark, we were surprised when two different church members approached us separately after the Sunday Morning Service and eagerly offered to pray for our safety during the trip. At first I was reluctant, explaining how safe it is to travel around in Japan. But they insisted, saying that they were being prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray with us anyway. So, we prayed together for the Lord’s protection as we traveled. And, its a good thing we did, as you will soon see.

Our Japanese “host” while we were in Japan, a professional colleague of mine, accompanied us from one University to another via bus, taxi, train and subway. That was an awesome experience and most enjoyable. When the last seminar was finished, we traveled to a location near Tokyo to spend our last night in Japan, before catching a flight home from the Tokyo airport. My host had thoughtfully arranged our schedule to allow plenty of time for us to get a full night’s sleep and have a leisurely morning, before catching the long flight back to Newark, well rested.

But, late that night, my host received a surprise phone call from his supervisor at work, and we had to change the time of our departure from the hotel the next day. We had to leave for the airport one hour earlier than originally planned, so that my host could report for work an hour earlier. And so we did. The extra hour at the Tokyo airport was not a problem, and our overnight flight back to Newark was uneventful. So far, our trip back was focused on the details of travelling, so we had not yet had an opportunity to catch up on the news of the day. But that was about to change.

We had a long stopover at the airport in Newark, so I began to watch the news broadcast on the big screen at our next gate. I quickly realized that the big news of the day was a deadly sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subway…yesterday, March 20, 1995. We were just there, in that subway! Then I listened closely for the exact timing of the attack, and it was exactly when we would still have been in the subway, had it not been for the phone call requiring us to leave for the airport one hour earlier. I was stunned by this realization, and I began to mull these things over in my mind. Then it came to me: this must be why our friends at church had been led by the Holy Spirit to pray for us before we began our journey. We barely escaped being among those being wheeled from the subway on stretchers. Later on, I learned that my daughter-in-law had been glued to her TV when the story first broke, hoping that she would not see a victim with his feet sticking way off of the end of the stretcher. That would have identified me as a likely victim, as I am six feet five inches tall, a giant among the Japanese!

As I see it, the take-home lesson from this experience is two-fold: 1) If the Holy Spirit prompts you to pray for someone, then do it; and 2) if someone says they are being prompted to pray for you, then go for it! God works in mysterious ways to protect His elect, and sometimes He wants us to get involved in the process.

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